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Step 6: Implement Energy Efficiency Strategies in the System

This article explains the meaning of energy efficiency and how you can implement energy efficiency strategies in your PV system. It's the last step in a six-step tutorial on how to design your PV system
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In this tutorial, I will explain what we mean by energy efficiency and how you can implement energy efficiency strategies in your PV system. This is the last step in six-step tutorials on how to design your PV system.

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The information in those articles is very critical to understanding this last step. More so, if you’re a complete solar energy beginner, I recommend Fundamentals of Solar Energy and Everything You Need to Know About Solar Electricity those articles are written for you in mind.

What then is Energy Efficiency? In simple term, energy efficiency is saving energy. It means doing more with energy while reducing consumption, lowering costs, reducing emissions and resultantly improving the environment.

How You Can Implement Energy Efficiency Strategies in Your PV System

  1. Replace your obsolete appliances with Energy Efficient ones
  2. Turn off your outdoor lightings during the day
  3. Remove your appliances’ plug completely from the wall socket when not in use
  4. Defrost your refrigerator regularly – you should defrost your freezer at least once a year. This is because the layers of ice shouldn’t be any more than a quarter-inch thick. Defrosting is important because frost build-up on the inside of a freezer slows it down and makes it less efficient.
  5. Conduct Power Audit regularly
  6. Cook with gas instead of a hot plate
  7. Remember the Duty Circle of your appliances.

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